John Nichols III on Lake StreetConfronting the immediacy of life, the compositions of Dr. John Nichols III have been described by listeners as “cosmic,” “seismic,” and “tectonic.” Nichols has received international recognition for his electroacoustic works, and has had compositions performed at events such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek, International Computer Music Conference, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States –among others. His works are honored with awards such as the 2014 Luigi Russolo Grand Prize & 1st Luigi Russolo Award (France, Spain), First Prize Absolute in the electro-acoustic music section of the 2014 International Composition Competition “Città di Udine” (Italy), First Prize in the 2014 ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Composer Commission Competition (USA), First Prize in the 2013 WOCMAT International Phil Winsor Electroacoustic Music Young Composers Awards (Taiwan), and winner of the 2013 Conlon Music Prize for Disklavier Plus (Netherlands). His works were also recognized in the 2013 Prix Destellos (Argentina), the 2012 Métamorphoses Composition Competition (Belgium), and the 2011 Morton Gould ASCAP Young Composer Competition. His latest compositions are published on Exhibitronic, Musique & Recherches, SEAMUS, Monochrome Vision, and ABLAZE Records. Nichols was selected as the winner of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts “The Commission” 2016 with collaborator, Professor Anne Ferrer. The interdisciplinary work “Composite” combines sculpture with music and was featured at the ST’ART Strasbourg European Art Fair in November 2016. Nichols also presented his composition “GATES” at Diffrazioni Multimedia Festival in Florence, and delivered a guest lecture at Paris Université 8 during this trip to Europe. Nichols travelled to Morellia, Mexico in Spring of 2017 to deliver a concert at the esteemed CMMAS and debuted his “Control Station” MIDI-to-Light Interface and upgraded MIDI-to-Motor Interface at the event. Nichols gave the US premiere of the Control Station at NYCEMF (New York City) in June 2017.